Wall Street Nutrition is committed to youth fitness and healthy life styles and has also joined the Fight Against Childhood Obesity. WSNut promotes youth fitness competitions and has joined with schools to offer seminars to students.
West Essex

On January 9, 2014 WSNut president Richard Opong presented a seminar to students (pictured above) about Nutrition and the Prevention of Childhood Obesity at West Essex High School in North Caldwell NJ. Wall Street Nutrition was invited to this school by Dr. Wendy Bruffy a professor at Caldwell College and a teacher at West Essex High School.

Pictured below is Jen Dowd, a senior from Jefferson High School in NJ, who won this year’s High School Fitness Championship which WSNut hosted on July 13, 2013. Jen is wearing our exclusive newly designed Support Our Fight Against Childhood Obesity T-shirt and holding the gift card to Barnes & Noble which we gave her to help a little with school books at Arizona State University which she will be attending this fall.

Jen Dowd

Jen, who was trained by Joe Mattessich, brought the house down with an amazing 50 push ups, breaking the 2012 record of 30 set by 13 year old Kaeligh Kester from Scranton P.A.

On 3/ 27/17 Wall Street Nutrition was invited to a very good wrestling gym called MAT WARRIORS located in Manahawkin NJ. The owner/coach Mr. Terrance Clendenin is an all-American wrestler who has a great teaching philosophy, his gym turns out a few state champions. Studio,Wellth & Foods plans on working together to help his students learn more about vitamins, protein powders, organic foods, and drinks. We are planning to offer a strength & conditioning program for his young wrestlers to make them even stronger, faster than they already are. We want to help educate them on injury free training and recovery. Pictured below are his elite wrestlers, a few champions among this group. Mr. Clendenin is pictured in a Green t-shirt with his arm around a talented young student wrestler. Good Gym, a good coach who cares about his students.

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